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Studio 41

Carl Alexander - Illustrator / Painter

Carl, an accomplished illustrator, mural artist and graphic designer, enjoyed a successful career catapulting an Australian skate brand to global prominence. With 18 years of leadership in their worldwide design team, he has now established a creative space at Burrinja. Here, he aims to rediscover his artistic voice and engage in collaborative projects with local artists.

Carl’s creative focus revolves around imaginative drawing, fueled by his deep-seated love for fantasy and history. His current artistic journey involves experimenting with a diverse range of mediums, including watercolors, gouache, inks and charcoal. Carl intricately weaves Viking-style symbols and runes into his work, creating a fusion of mystique with a cast of unique characters.

STUDIO OPEN 13-14 & 20-21 APRIL

Parking Instructions: Plenty of parking.

Melways reference: 75 B12

Burrinja Cultural Centre
351 Glenfern Rd, Upwey

0457 300 737

Individual artist


From the Artist

My guiding principle is unquenchable curiosity, driving personal and artistic growth. I remain steadfast in nurturing my creative spirit, with the hope of kindling inspiration in others, encouraging them to embark on their own creative journeys.