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Studio 19

Chris Lawry - Printmaker

I have been creating traditional lino, woodcut and monotype prints since late 2009. The blocks themselves can take anywhere from a day, to several weeks, to cut. The prints are made on archival Italian or Japanese paper which is purpose made for printing.
The prints are made as small editions – usually 10-20.t

My prints are traditionally printed by hand on an etching press – between metal rollers, or by rubbing the back of the printing paper over the hand carved block with a wooden spoon or burin. Visitors to my studio can see my process, and try cutting and printing for themselves.

Parking Instructions: Parking between 10-12 on Wattle Ave.

Melways reference: 75 E10

Individual artist

1607 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave (enter via Wattle Ave)


0422 521 131


From the Artist

I love everything involved in the process of making a linocut print. From deciding what the next project might encompass, be it a reaction to the storm that felled so many trees in 2020, reflections on my local environment, or places I have enjoyed visiting while travelling.. Somehow many of my projects include trees. I love sketching the outlines and shading on the lino, deciding which cutting techniques will best capture my intentions, and experimenting with new ones. I love the process of cutting the lino, and the exciting anticipation when pulling that first print. I am very proud to call myself a printmaker.