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Studio 5

Emma Jennings - Painter

Emma’s intricate paintings emerge from observations, geometry and patterns of the natural world; the ethereal qualities of healthy ecologies, sustainability and resilience. Her paintings discuss the urgency of Climate Change, and she is currently experimenting with forest materials to document the damage and beauty of both forest and community in recovery after the storm event of June 2021.

Emma’s studio gallery in Olinda is designed to make viewing and purchasing artwork a warm and inviting experience. Emma talks openly about her work, sharing her ideas and processes, encouraging people of all ages and abilities into the space. Tables and easels are set up with several works in progress, paints and palettes, sketch books, forest materials, drawings and photos.

Parking Instructions: Ample parking in rear carpark.

Melways reference: 66 H8

Individual artist

Emma Jennings Gallery

Shop 3/540 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Olinda

0484 225 879


From the Artist

Emma believes art should be accessible to everyone, and aims to make her gallery and studio an inclusive and inspiring experience. Creativity can be a powerful tool to improve wellbeing, problem solving, and communicating complex ideas. Sustainability, Climate Change and our relationship with the natural world are central themes in her work.