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Studio 32

Greg O'Toole - Oil Painter

Greg O’Toole is a painter working predominately in oil painting. He makes work in, studies and teaches a classical, realist approach to art making. Greg chooses to create paintings directly from life rather than (or sometimes in conjunction with) photographs. Sometimes this means making small studies “en plen air” to be completed later in the studio. The subjects of his range from thoughtful, detailed portraits, to emotive and colour-filled landscapes and beyond.

The studio space located in the Aerie studio space at Burrinja is a part of a hive of creative work and individuals. In the glass fronted space (on display for all those who wish to venture past for a look) Greg’s studio is a mix of carefully selected materials, texts for study, prints for inspiration, and works in progress. Some of Greg’s works are commission based paintings, a process for which is on display for those interested to read about or chat with Greg about directly. Greg’s process has been refined over his years spent learning and teaching and many examples of his approach to realist painting is displayed in the studio. For those with an interest in expanding their work into this area or taking a first step to starting a creative practice may find these aspects of his studio a valuable resource or inspiration.

Parking Instructions: Plenty of parking.

Melways reference: 75 B12

Individual artist

351 Glenfern Road, Upwey

0422 891 998


From the Artist

I often wonder what the purpose of painting in a realist style may be in a time when photography and other technologies are so good at reproduction. What draws me to the practice seems to be about time. Time spent on a work. Time and how it slows and also disappears when you are in the act of creation. Time and perception. How things change the more you look at them and how they like to trick your eyes and your paintbrush into not quite getting it right. Until then you do. There may not be any inherent meaning in the work, except for the meaning that comes out of life itself once you slow down long enough to notice it and be able to take in all in, in some small way. And then to produce something from that, almost like a souvenir of that experience of time, that seems to me to be the thing that makes me want to paint.