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Studio 24

Joy Serwylo - Paper, Paint, Artist's Books, & Textiles

Joy is trying to say something about the sad/happy world we live in. She draws and stitches and burns and rusts the paper and fabric she finds and reuses to create collages, artists books and installations.

Joy’s home is her studio. What she is engaged in on a particular day dictates where she huddles. Messy play is out in the “studio”, more intricate work (especially on a cold day) sends her inside and the toxic work…burning or chemicals, will find her out on the verandah.

Parking Instructions: On street parking

Melways reference: 75 A8

Individual artist

14 Darling Ave, Upwey

0438 272 779


From the Artist

I believe that having many projects on the go, not only protects against boredom and rsi but gives the creative mind many tangents to meander along…hopefully finding answers along the way. Having a serious message and adding a little humour, keeps me on the ball.