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Studio 30

Jude Craig - Natural Dyer and Textile Artist

Jude is a natural dyer and textile artist. Her innate love is indigo, closely followed by a passion for extracting all colours from nature. She derives much pleasure from botanical research and showcases the alchemical hues on yarns and cloth. Indigenous dyes, supported by master pigments, create a palette of harmony from Nature’s Cauldron.

Her natural dye studio and workshop space are nestled amongst the mountain ash trees of the Dandenong Ranges. Visitors will encounter monster indigo vats, cauldrons of liquid dye next to bunches of foraged plant materials and a plethora of lovingly dyed yarns and fabric. A thriving garden of dye plants sits next to medicinal and rare ones; the bees have much to do.

STUDIO OPEN 13-14 & 20-21 APRIL

Parking Instructions: Park on Thompson road and walk down to studio.

Melways reference: 75 B11

Atelier Bye-Ways
36-38 Thompson Rd, Upwey

0430 888 603

Individual artist


From the Artist

My creative practice embodies the moniker of a rare arts or forgotten trade. It is my passion to share the natural dyeing process through demonstrating the craft and perfecting the hand skills necessary to do so; to continue to be the keeper of ancient lore and to embolden those who seek this wisdom.