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Studio 25

Juet Sculpture - Sculpture

Martin and Michael create sculpture from recycled and found material. They explore the themes of relationships, connection with the natural world and the hidden life of the soul. They combine steel, rock, wood, water and imagination to create pieces that sit comfortably in the garden or home.

Hidden away behind and underneath our houses are creative spaces where we are able to breath new life into old things. We work mainly with metal and wood, with a bit of stone thrown in for good measure. A limited number of small tools has meant we have developed our own unique style and methods.

Parking Instructions: Limited parking in drive with turning bay at the top.

Melways reference: 74 G8


22 Mary St, Upwey

0425 741 296


From the Artist

We developed as a creative partnership between two like minded families. It has developed and thrived over the last 10 plus years and continues to give us pleasure and hopefully spread some joy to our many visitors. At the heart of our collaboration is a willingness to share and inspire through creativity.