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Studio 22

Kirsten Laken - Glass Artist

Kirsten has worked with Glass for 39 years. Creating glass artworks using multiple techniques and methods, often incorporate found objects. Kirsten’s works are both traditional and contemporary, using stained glass in it’s traditional form, plus fusing, forming, painting, copper-foiling, leadlight and more. Kirsten enjoys pushing the boundaries of glass, forming new techniques through experimentation and inspiration.

Immersed in a canopy of trees, surrounded by beautiful old garden, the studio and unique home is a place to calmly enjoy the surroundings and view the glass artworks in their original environment. Works in progress on the benches, hands on experiences with cutting glass for all ages and a studio to explore.

Parking Instructions: Enter via Victoria Grove. Parking in all 3 driveways plus in vacant land/road next door.

Melways reference: 75 C4

Individual artist

Spirit of Glass

174 Mast Gully Rd, Ferny Creek (Enter via Victoria Grove)

0431 969 431


From the Artist

As an ever changing being, my art follows my changes, philosophies, passions, emotions and views, as I explore these I am compelled to create them as glassworks. I question and probe the so called boundaries of myself and my artworks. The environment I live in inspires, soothes and invigorates me, a lot like the medium I work with.