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Studio 19

Leaf Studios - Mixed Media

The resident artists of Leaf Studios are all multidisciplinary artists, with focus varying in direction and styles – encompassing a vast range of skills, tying together beautifully with a complimentary collection. Mixed media, painting, print making, illustration, ceramics, sculpture, metal, textile, magical tools, jewellery, doll-making and more in various forms combine to present a cacophony of visual and tactile delight.

A collective of six women of diverse backgrounds and experiences, Leaf Studios acts as a creative hub to nurture established art practices and allows room to explore new collaborations. Their art practices are a way to tell stories and they freely share their approaches and techniques on a daily basis with their visitors.

studio 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Street parking and parking lot at round about cnr Monbulk and Sherbrooke Roads.

Melways reference: 75 J3

Leaf Studios
77 Monbulk Rd, Kallista

(03) 9755 1107



From the Artists

As each individual resident artist focuses on our own practice, the collective acts as a nurturing and supportive space, offering both physical and mental refuge to explore and express. The many different skills and craftsmanship of our artists, along with our collective consciousness inspired by the natural world, ensure Leaf Studios' unique compatibility.

The Artists

Amy Laker Bruni / Lillebeart

Inspired by our natural environment, Lillebeart mimics, recreates, and re-imagines botanical elements into clay and printed fabric to create everyday practical homewares, wearable art and ritual tools of magic.

Lillebeart reminders us to re-solidify the connection to the universe and Mother Nature, by using these handmade treasures, the soul is soothed and joy of the outside is brought in.

I love to roam and explore, note the tiny details and am awe inspired by open horizons. Nature is the Mother I constantly learn from and that which I draw peace and energy and ancient wisdom. Green runs through my veins and is the predominant colour in my creative palette, as the journey of making is a major part of why.

Bree Thomas

Bree Thomas’ main inspiration is the natural world around us, with particular interest in the local native flora and fauna found in the Dandenong Ranges.
Bree creates artworks using a variety of mediums including textiles and fibre or ink, pastel and pencil on paper.

“I am blessed to have grown up in such a unique, ancient, magical and beautiful part of the world, where I still live, work, am inspired and can create – here in these hills.
I aspire to share my knowledge of this beauty and magic with others through my art, while I continue to discover, focus and learn more about my place here.”

Lauren Pitt-Trewin / Sprites

Lauren is a mixed media artist based in Olinda. Her passion lies in combining the soft and tactile world of textiles with the delicate and intricate art of silversmithing. Her work is deeply inspired by her explorations into folklore, fairytales and the wild and untamed nature that surrounds her. She loves playing with texture and colour in her pieces, creating whimsical and playful narratives that transport us back to the enchanting days of our childhood.
I find beauty and inspiration in the natural world, so I incorporate natural materials into my artwork. I’m also passionate about sustainability and reducing waste, so I often repurpose materials and give them new life in my pieces. My art is all about capturing the magic and wonder of the world around us, and I hope to spread that sense of awe and appreciation to others through my work.
Rebecca Barkley / Menagerie of Magick 
Rebecca is a fantasy artist, bringing to life curious characters of myth and magick. Inspired by the faery books and goblin films of her childhood, Rebecca creates a world of her own using various mediums including watercolour, acrylic and sculpture.
I’m inspired by nature, storytelling and magick, occasionally with a dash of darkness and humour.
I thoroughly enjoy getting lost in my own imagination and pouring it out onto paper with colourful pigments. The process of creating a character and watching them take on their own personality is, to me, magick in itself.