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Studio 25

Martha Iserman - Science Illustrator and Painter, Watercolor and Oils

Martha explores the natural world through watercolor and oil, seeking to engage viewers with its marvels. Her work invites contemplation of often-overlooked subjects such as insects and mushrooms and highlights their details with meticulous technique. As a scientific illustrator, her art marries precision and artistic expression, inviting appreciation of nature’s beauty and complexity through painting.

Martha’s home studio space is filled with visuals. The walls of her workspace are filled with her paintings and works in progress. During DROS, a representation the science illustration process of an insect specimen and examples of her art process will be included. The front of the house will have more paintings as well as items for sale.

studio open 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Street parking on both sides along The Crescent.

Melways reference: 84 E2

27 The Crescent, Belgrave Heights


0431 512 342

Individual artist


From the Artist

In my art, I explore the intricate dance between science and mystery in the natural world. I'm captivated by how empirical knowledge coexists with the enigmatic and unexplained. Through my work, I seek to convey the awe-inspiring wonder that arises from this dichotomy. In this way, my art is a journey into the heart of nature and folklore.