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Studio 3

Melchior Martin - Drawing and Painting

Recently I have been drawn towards the way in which manmade objects sit in our environments; they often begin there lives as stark strangers built with generic materials derived from international industrial processes however as they age a relationship is formed between these objects and there surroundings. I’m interested in capturing the atmosphere of this relationship in my work.

There will be a variety of new work focusing on built and natural environments and elements of nature such as the ocean and sky. There will be work in progress displayed, as well as materials and tools so that working methods are visible. And the garden will be open, where Melchior does some of his work.

Parking Instructions: In the driveway or on the side of the road (4 parks available)

Melways reference: 120 A11

Individual artist

215 Olinda Creek Rd, Kalorama

0449 969 861


From the Artist

Painting and drawing for me is a way of engaging with the subtle language that is expressed in our souls as we look with into our world. a language that is apart from function or politics but echos in a profound but subtle way elements of the human condition.