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Studio 15

Ross Miller - Mixed Media Sculptor

Ross’s sculptures of bronze,ciment fondu, wood, metal, stone, fibreglass are not just objects. They hold a narrative as well. Motivated by a lifetime of travel and observation reflecting spiritual beliefs and cultural needs of people throughout time and his responses to the past and present.

The ambiance of the sculpture garden and the studio is unique. The themes vary from figurative to abstract forms using a wide range of materials. Visitors will gain an understanding of a range of processes from modelling to mould making and casting processes. Understanding how an idea evolves into a finished sculpture.

Parking Instructions: 4 parking spaces on the property, 2 bays directly opposite and 10 parking bays 150 metres away at Puffing Billy rail crossing.

Melways reference: 124 A12

Individual artist

Apacheta Studios

6 Selby Aura Rd, Selby

0418 108 530


From the Artist

I like to quote the great French artist Edgar Degas,
“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”