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Studio 14

Tracey Roberts - Mixed Media

Tracey is a visual artist and singer-songwriter musician, who uses her music-colour synesthesia to express colours, textures and shapes she sees whilst listening to, performing and creating music. Rich, vibrant paintings reflect the way she synesthetically interprets the sounds of musical instruments and emotional reactions to music, in figurative and abstracted form and also within the context of natural landscapes.

Tracey’s forest garden is dotted with decomposing musical instruments, shovels and works in progress. Inside the geodesic dome is plenty of rich, colourful art displayed, both complete and works in progress. Upstairs is her computer working space displaying current projects on the screen. The grand piano is her music work space where you will find song charts displayed and the artist explaining her synesthesia.

studio open 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Limited parking available in the driveway, more parking on street.

Melways reference: 124 G7

25 William Rd, The Patch

0418 872 444

Individual artist


From the Artist

I am about expressing my music-colour synesthesia through musically-themed artworks and artful songs. I am interested in producing largely positive and colourful works which invite people to explore the many aspects of music, to 'see what they hear' and 'hear what they see'. I love how decomposing musical instruments in my garden highlight beauty within degradation as a metaphor for life.