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Studio 13

Tracey Roberts - Mixed Media

Tracey is a performing visual artist and musician / songwriter with music-colour synaesthesia. She uses her unique gift to create rich and vibrant, musically-themed artworks in figurative and abstract forms, reflecting visual interpretations, emotions or fantasy-based musical landscapes. Tracey’s art is inspired by all aspects of music, associated colours, performance, instruments and her music garden. She also decorates Steampunk hats!

An intriguing musical instrument garden gracefully decomposes approaching a geodesic dome gallery nestled in the forest. Inside, a grand piano is covered in chord charts and song lyrics in progress for another album – the mezzanine level houses digital technology used to scan and embellish original hand-drawn illustrations. Artworks, musical instruments, top hats, goggles, millinery paraphernalia and Steampunk adornments abound.

Parking Instructions: Limited parking available in the driveway, more parking on street

Melways reference: 124 G7

Individual artist


25 William Rd, The Patch

0418 872 444


From the Artist

It's fascinating how music affects us, in physiological, emotional and spiritual realms. I love playing with colours, words, melodies, costumes and humour. I love a good story... also within art. My musical, performance and art practice is an exploration into visualising what we hear and how we interpret music and its related themes.

I live like creating anything is possible.