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Studio 1

Cathy Sofarnos - Abstract Artist

Cathryn Sofarnos is a multi-disciplinary abstract artist based in Melbourne, Australia. The relationship between order and chaos is a personal fascination and an ongoing theme in her work. Her dynamic explorations of line and color set the intention to captivate a sense of ‘perfect chaos’ in a strictly abstract way, creating a vivid and evocative experience on a large scale.

Set amongst the tall dark trees of the Dandenong Ranges forest, an explosion of colour greets the visitor with a delicious array of handcrafted products that will captivate the senses. Handcrafted purses, gift cards, fabric products, to very large scale dynamic paintings on canvas, adorn the walls. The studio is bright, and welcoming and allows the visitor time to absorb the
creative processes that are on display.

Parking Instructions: Parking in reserve across the road.

Melways reference: 120 B6

Individual artist

1 Wilkilla Rd, Mt Evelyn

0420 316 799


From the Artist

A kaleidoscope of rich and luscious colour is the driving force behind my work. Studio time is often spent in the experimental process, exploring endless colour pallets and different material combinations. My large scale works usually include acrylic and oil paint, spray paint and ink and oil stick. Much thought is given to the colour pallet and material combination prior to committing to a large scale canvas.