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Studio 11

Ches Mills - Painter, Drawer, Printmaker

In her cosy studio nestled in the Sherbrooke Forest, Ches creates paintings, using ink, gouache, and acrylic on linen or paper. She also employs printmaking and drawing in her work. Currently Ches is exploring subject matter related to oceanic environs, especially coral reefs. In a semi abstracted form, her paintings portray the beauty, diversity, fragility and complexities of these environs.

studio 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Parking available at the property and the turn around at the end of Locarno. Plenty of on street parking in Regnans Rd which is just before Locarno.

Melways reference: 124 C5

10 Locarno Ave, Kallista

(03) 9709 7807

Individual Artist


From the Artist

My work comes from the heart and reflects my thoughts, love and concern for the subject matter I am exploring. Each theme provides a challenge as I develop the appropriate ``new`` technique required. Over the years I have explored a variety of themes, from the nude figure to oceanic environments.