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Studio 9

Yola and Daria - Hand Cut Paper Art

Yola & Daria are paper cutting artist and an illustrator mother/daughter collaboration, creating intricate hand-cut paper artworks. Inspired by their Polish heritage the artwork is derived from Polish ‘Wycinanki’ (pron. Vee-chee-none-kee) paper cut-outs. They have extended this traditional art form, to interpret flora, iconic buildings, myths and fairy tales.

Visitors will see works in progress, materials and tools used and be able to handle papercut elements. There will be allocated times and at hoc demonstrations, of tools, process, skill involved in the creation of works, providing learnings and inspiration. Original papercuts will be on show. Limited original works, signed Giclee prints and other stationery will be available for sale..

Parking Instructions: On street parking

Melways reference: 125 C4


43 David Hill Rd, Monbulk

0408 379 316


From the Artists

While finding her feet as a migrant and single parent, mum's creative endeavour came to a halt. I've been incredibly lucky to collaborate with mum, reigniting that passion and creative journey together, forging new family traditions, preserving our Polish heritage and family history. Unique style of paper-cut artwork reflecting and evoking memories and stories of heritage, childhood, traditions and journey!