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Studio 8

Elizabeth Gleeson - Muralist

Elizabeth is a mural artist known for her intricately detailed and patterned line artworks that adorn the walls of many a local, international, and private residence, venue and street. The foundation of her artistic practice and process is based on the concepts of the symmetry and repeating segments of the traditional mandala form. By applying these principles and combining elements of sprawling botanicals and bold symbology, contemporary works of great complexity are created, compelling the viewer to spend time discovering the many details hidden within each work.

Sharing a home studio with her artist partner, Gerard Russo, visitors have the opportunity to share in the inspiration that is the lush, green magic of their hills property in which their tri-level home is situated. On display will be detailed examples of the systematic approach that Elizabeth takes to creating each artwork, complete with live projections of many of her more recent works. With new mural commissions consistently underway, visitors can witness works still in the infancy stage in her sketchbook before they make their way into the world as large scale works.

Parking Instructions: Park on Main Road and walk down Tavistock Road (150m)

Melways reference: 122 F12

Individual artist

10 Tavistock Rd, Monbulk

0402 922 218


From the Artist

Even the most chaotic image, once reflected and repeated, creates a patterned whole that brings calm and order to the tumult. With a love of the botanical and elements of antiquity, combined with a fascination with the intricacy of line created by pattern; exploring, experimenting and expanding on this phenomenon, has become my creative mission.