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Studio 8

Gerard Russo - Copper Luminaire Maker, Mark maker

Gerard’s fine art revolves around two primary mediums: mark-making with charcoal on paper and the creation of luminaires using copper and timber. The immediate intimacy of charcoal on paper influences his copper luminaires, which creatively reinterpret traditional drawing, painting, and copper etching techniques. The outcome is contemporary work that embodies his illuminated, evocative and expressive mark-making.

Gerard shares a joint studio with his partner, artist Elizabeth Gleeson. Their home and property is fronted by a creek, overlooks a fern gully and is nestled privately yet very close to Monbulkā€™s main street. After meandering up the driveway of established beautiful trees, visitors to their studio will be greeted by a workshop, pop-up gallery and shared studio space.

studio 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Park on Main Road and walk down Tavistock Road (150m)

Melways reference: 122 F12


0403 525 122

Individual Artist


From the Artist

I value subtlety and its power to evoke immediate recognition and connection in viewers. I aspire to depict individuals and settings that elicit unspoken understanding, recognising art as a unique and invaluable language beyond words.

I want to make art that I never want to let go of; but am happy to leave behind.