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Studio 44

Leticia Hodson - Pet Portrait Artist

Leticia is primarily a pet portrait artist who creates realistic, detailed paintings in acrylic on paper. She works in collaboration with the owners to capture the unique personality and true likeness of their much-loved pets whether they be furred, scaled or feathered.

Leticia’s studio is part of the Aerie Creative Ecology at Burrinja: a beautiful, creative space for working artists with diverse styles. She works from supplied photos and conversations with owners to bring each pet to life on the page. Leticia uses thin layers of acrylic paint to create depth and texture in the fur and high detail to capture every unique feature.

Parking Instructions: Ample parking at Burrinja

Melways reference: 75 B12

Individual artist

Pet Portraits by Leticia

351 Glenfern Road, Upwey

0418 507 418


From the Artist

Pets are devoted members of families who give unconditional love and foster a symbiotic joy that is often lacking in modern life. Their loss can create a void that is hard to fill. Pet portraits are an enduring way to honour and memorialise that love. Leticia finds painting for others a deeply satisfying experience.