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Studio 12

Prue Crome - Abstract Artist

Philosophically Crome’s thoughts reside around metaphysical concerns of transience, connectedness and the referential nature and responsiveness of every action. Prue comes from a sculpture/installation background and is currently working with feath­ering colour pigments to create immersive fields. Her inspiration is the atmospherics of light and exploring the per­ceptions of space and transience.

Prue’s studio is on a ridge with a spacious leafy garden leading to an expanded vast sky. Inside you will find a light, bright and airy space reflecting the skyscape beyond. Abstracted paintings of large oils through to more intimate pastel works yet all chasing the illusiveness of light and depth by an intense process of layering, feathering, and blending.

Parking Instructions: 7 spots in driveway

Melways reference: 124 G9

Individual artist

24 Ridge Rd, Kallista

0419 659 741


From the Artist

An immersion in a limitless floating space, such as in the atmosphere above, aiming to generate an expansive and peaceful experience. This place resides within each of use, distancing the continual external worldly disturbances. A time for reflection on the, often overlooked, wonderful everyday moments we encounter.