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Studio 15

Prue Crome - Abstract Artist

Prue’s background is in science, design, art retail and sculpture, then whilst studying for her MFA she became enthralled with space and light with a focus on installation. Currently she is pushing pigments to create immersive abstract fields of colour.

Prue’s mediums include oils, acrylics and pastels. To create a field of subtly merging colour, she uses various mediums to produce thin layers and feathering with large brushes to blend colours. Pastels are more immediate, with finger blending and scraping of pigment to leave strong residues, which sit above the misted ground.

studio open 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Bitumen driveway to studio door and nature strip.

Melways reference: 124 G9

24 Ridge Rd, Kallista

0419 659 741

Individual artist


From the Artist

The aim for my work is to escape worldly troubles and become immersed in a floating space, hopefully generating an uplifting, expansive and peaceful experience. Choosing this place rather than becoming embroiled in external human disturbances, which we generally have no individual control over or an ability to change.