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Studio 43

Skübz Mope - Acrylic & Aerosol Painter

Skübz Mope is a freelance creative and fine artist working from Upwey, Australia. He has received an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia/Animation, but jumped ship halfway through a Bachelor of Fine Arts to follow a more personal creative path.

Working predominantly in acrylic, aerosol and digital mediums, Skübz artwork is informed by a blend of visual influences including Totem Poles from the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest, Animation, Comics, Graffiti, Portraiture and Abstraction.

Having spent much of his youth trying to find a way to “fit in”, Skübz eventually found himself living the more nomadic lifestyle. Festival culture, van life, warehouse living, skateboarding, busking, and graffiti have all left their mark.

Today, aspects of these formative experiences; freedom, rebellion, psychonautic travails and an unwillingness to completely grow up, are ever-present themes in his artwork.

Skübz Mope’s studio is part of The Aerie Studios, Burrinja. The Aerie aims to cultivate creative expression, promote creative economies and foster creative connections. His studio is accessible to the public, enabling frequent dialogue with the community. Visitors can expect a tidy, organised space with a variety of finished works on display, and others at different stages of completion.

Parking Instructions: Plenty of parking.

Melways reference: 75 B12

Individual artist

Skübz Mope Studio

351 Glenfern Road, Upwey

0401 022 568


From the Artist

Freedom, rebellion, psychonautic travails and an unwillingness to completely grow up form many of the themes underlying my works, and I enjoy communicating through a visual language strongly informed by Saturday morning cartoons, old-school skateboard graphics, and graffiti.