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Studio 21

Ticker Art Studio - Multidisciplinary

Ticker Art Studio is a collective of established & emerging artists that settled into their vibrant new shared studio space in Belgrave in Autumn 2023. The eclectic group included textile artists, a jeweller, photographer, mixed media artists, painters and a street artist. Workshops were being run from the space, exciting projects were underway, and the shop was getting a steady flow of customers.

With creative energy buzzing from the space, this group of enthusiastic artists jumped at the chance to share their new studios with the community as part of the Open Studios program.

Then in December- 2 days before Christmas- tragedy struck. An arson attack caused devastating loss of artwork and supplies and significant damage to the building, making it unsafe for the artists to return for the foreseeable future.

Whilst the future of Ticker remains uncertain for now, we are over the moon to be hosting 3 of their artists at Burrinja for the duration of Open Studios. You can find Fee Bee (mixed media), Helen Toohey (photography) and Jill Brailsford (painting, illustration, glass and mixed media) upstairs in the Lyre Room each day of the Open Studios program.

Let’s show these incredible women some support during this difficult time!

studio open 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions: Onsite parking at the back of the building – holds 20+ cars plus street parking and new parking spaces at train station – 2min from Belgrave train station. Parking restrictions apply to street parking and due to Puffing Billy can be limited.

Melways reference: 75 F10

Burrinja Cultural Centre
Lyre Room (first floor)
351 Glenfern Rd, Upwey

0407 309 097 or 0413 173 313



From the Artist

‘Ticker’ a slang term meaning ‘heart’ is an inclusive art space filled with lots of love and heart. Born from passionate creative mums who have lots to give, this space embodies a nurturing creative ethos where anything is possible, and everything is encouraged.

The Artists

Jill Brailsford

My creative ethos centres on a lifelong exploration of my inner world. I’ve developed personal metaphors and motifs that connect to my unconscious. I’m fascinated by the folkloric, spacey, and mystical aspects of the subconscious—captivated by the images that unfold in our minds, not confined to
the external reality of life. Creating is a human necessity; making marks and painting bring this vision to life.

In my artwork, I strive to capture the beauty, strangeness and enchantment inherent in the natural world. I utilize a broad mix of images, drawing from both reality and my own imagination. By incorporating traditional materials, as well as
digital techniques in my paintings, I explore the landscapes of my mind with vibrant colours and intricate details. Each piece is a journey into the worlds I envision, where my imagination takes form.

My studio is a place where I can retreat surrounded by the things I need to make pictures. I use various styles and media but because of the content I make it recognizably my own
I engage in a daily practice, experimenting and learning various techniques across different styles. Upon waking, I immediately have images and ideas, blurring the lines between my dreaming, and waking thoughts.

Helen Toohey

I’m a photographer based in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. I have always loved photography but recently decided to chase the dream and do what I love for a living, putting life first. have spent two years studying and taking my
photography to a new level. Taking images of places that capture my imagination, in the natural world, streetscapes and buildings. I also love taking candid and and raw portraits that capture an emotion or feeling in them.

Setting up at Ticker has allowed the dream to become tangible. A welcoming environment for artists to work on our own projects in separate spaces, whilst getting inspiration and encouragement from each other.
My studio is a place where I can showcase some recent work in a real setting in a world where everything is virtual. There is great light for portraits and a calm space to focus and do my editing which brings my images to life.

I’m inspired by everything around me, getting out amongst it and observing. I Love to catch the light at an interesting angle or capture a street with bustling energy. I feel a strong image can portray a feeling or emotion without words and that is something I am working towards capturing as I look at the world and have something to say.

Fiona (Feebee)

I use a visual art form called Assemblage. Ideas get written down as a reference or starting point and then the creative journey begins. Every piece is completely unique and a 1 off creation. The finished product may be nothing like the beginning and is likely to completely change.

My art studio is a safe space for me to develop and create my unique pieces. Being part of the Ticker Art Studios has enabled me to collaborate with other studio artists in a fun and creative environment and take part in local exhibitions
and now the Dandenong Ranges Open studios.

I incorporate everyday objects into my work, such as saws, dolls, plates, paper, driftwood, skateboards, recycled items and more. My work is intuitive, so I see pictures in my head like a down-load and then I action them. I also work with rocks, fabric, beads, string, old tools and really anything I find that resonates with me at that moment in time. ‘Its all about the journey and there are NO RULES.