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Studio 20

Sherbrooke Art Society - Oil, Pastel, Pencil, Ceramics & Watercolour

Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of our natural world is the unifying inspiration of the artists who make up the Sherbrooke Art Society collective. Artworks that engage the viewer, share the artist’s story about the world, inspires others to enjoy and protect our natural environment. A wide range of mediums and styles means that there are artworks for all visitors to engage with, sharing the celebration of art and nature.

Sherbrooke Art Society’s building dates back to 1923, with a history as a gallery from 1966. Enter the gallery through the historic double doors to be surrounded by a large gallery space with many smaller galleries full of artwork and sculptures/pottery. There will be a buzz of activity as artist members will be demonstrating and sharing their love of art with visitors.

studio open 13-14 & 20-21 april

Sherbrooke Art Gallery
62 Monbulk Rd, Belgrave

(03) 9754 4264


Parking Instructions: Park at the front or side of the building & enter through front doors.

Melways reference: 75 F9


From the Artists

Sherbrooke Art Society nurtures its artists to create, share and inspire one another in our individual artistic endeavours, providing a friendly, busy gallery to exhibit our works. There is a lot of passion for creating artworks responding to the beauty and uniqueness of our world, especially local scenery, birds and flowers, in different styles and mediums (both 2D and 3D).

The Artists

Jeffery Murphy

“My subject matter is mostly still life put together from that which is around me and that I have collected.  My passion for flowers features prominently in my work expressed through the richness of oil paint.  It is through my desire to record beauty through my work and making ordinary day to day objects appear extraordinary.”

Still life and flowers inspire Jeffery Murphy’s oil paintings, where he makes the ordinary look extraordinary and engaging.

Jeffery started his art journey as a painter 32 years ago when he attended his first art lesson in Tonal Painting.  He believes strongly in learning skill based method of painting incorporating both discipline and technique and was driven with an eagerness to learn fast.  Private lessons for two years with Glenda Wise and a term of classes with Lee Machelak of the 20 Melbourne Painters launched him into his art career.

Jeffery has won awards with his Oil paintings, including several at Sherbrooke Exhibitions (Tom Roberts Awards, Mavis Hill Awards, Best Oil) in recent years, to note a few.  He expanded his career by teaching, with his desire to pass on to others his tonal oil painting techniques, he is a natural and inspiring educator.  He is currently Artist in Residence at Sherbrooke Art Gallery, Belgrave and is sharing his painting skills, as well as inspiring and encouraging other artists.

Janet Matthews

Janet Matthews is  a multi-award winning artist exhibiting regularly in Australia and overseas.  She is a regular exhibitor with Sherbrooke Art Gallery as well as an active member of committee.  Her works focus on native birds and animals, capturing the personality and “story” of her subjects, giving viewers a personal connection with the birds they see in their gardens and local parks.

Janet’s Accolades include –

  • Artwork in the collection of the New York State Museum, USA and the Roberson Museum and Science Centre, New York, USA.
  • Represented Australia in the World Wide Botanical Exhibition 2018
  • Juried Award, Focus on Nature 2014, New York State Museum (top 14 artworks);-
  • Commissions by Australia Post for stamp images released in 2006 and 2009 and 2021;
  • Diploma and a Graduate Diploma of Visual Arts, Monash University.
  • Published in many magazines, calendars and books, including “50 Top Australian Artists”, “Wild Inspirations“ (Wildlife Art Museum of Australia) and “Flora of Australia” 2018.

Janet’s work has been described as “weaving magic” with pencil. 

“My art is my passion, especially pencil, colour pencil and graphite.  I love to draw our botanical and wildlife subjects with intensity, personality and precise detail.  I want to engage and inspire viewers with the beauty and uniqueness of our natural world.” 

Leanne Vassallo

Born into a family of artists & potters, Leanne has worked with clay and paint all her life. For 25yrs from 1980-2005 she was an award winning porcelain doll maker and teacher, writing several books on china painting and pattern making.   In 2006 she rekindled a love of pastel and oil painting by taking classes with Claude Ciccone & Raelene Sharp as well as watercolour classes with Jenny Phillips at the Botanical Art School of Melbourne.

Her years of painting 3 dimensional faces drew her to specialize in children’s pastel portrait commissions for 15yrs. Winner of the ‘Hans Heysen Award’ in 2019 saw her first joint exhibition ‘Inspirations’ with artist Julie Kok.

Leanne is an artist working across all mediums specializing in pastel and porcelain inspired by nature, especially flowers, feathers and butterflies, particularly the fleeting moments in nature that often go unnoticed, like a flower bud about to burst into bloom.   As the artist behind ‘Vassart Art & Design’, she produces cards, prints, giftware & jewellery featuring her artwork handmade in Kallista.

Miffy Gilbert

Miffy Gilbert is botanical artist and illustrator and works in watercolour, graphite and coloured pencils. Her aim is to communicate her passion and respect for plants into her paintings whilst staying botanically correct. She a qualified Horticulturist (BAS Hort.) and a member of the Sherbrooke Art Society Botanical Art Society Australia, American Society Botanical Artists and a Fellow of the Society Botanical Artists (UK).


Previously exhibited in Re-Framing Nature, Friends of RBG Melbourne (2019), Artanica with Mt Macedon Horticultural Society (2021), numerous select exhibitions for Victorian Artists Society and currently has a solo exhibition at Seasons Restaurant in Cloudehill Garden & Nursery, Olinda titled Revelations (Dec 2021-current). Selected works are also on exhibit at The Greenery Garden & Home Heidelberg and Hawthorn as well as Kapi Art Space, Kalorama.


She is currently teaching botanical watercolour and coloured pencil drawing at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, the Botanical Art School of Melbourne and beginning January 2024 for the Sherbrooke Art Society at Sherbrooke Gallery, Belgrave.

“I have always loved the little details in life and in nature. I enjoy seeing the overall design but can’t help zooming in to marvel at the intricacies to be discovered up close. As a convert to the botanical art and illustration scene, I am enjoying turning my mind to a new way of looking at nature. It has allowed me to re-discover plants and the amazing structures and natural design found within their form. I am loving putting my passion and respect for plants into my paintings.”