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Studio 7

David Cox - Sculptor of Piano, Organ, Car Grille and Leadlight Parts

David creates sculptures from piano keys and unusual objects. Inspired by architectural salvage and recycling/repurposing of hard-to-come-by materials, he preserves the memory of family time shared around the piano, after the piano can no longer be kept. Through assemblage sculptures he explores the rebirth and celebration of a piano “rising like a phoenix from the ashes”.

Nestled in the Olinda rainforest next to the Lyrebird Haunt Reserve, stands the original birthplace of Bluestone Candles (Sassafras). At the property that glimpses down over Monbulk and the Patch, head down the driveway to find the tiny 3x6m studio tucked away behind the artist’s house. Once inside the little weatherboard studio, visitors will see multiple finished sculptures made from piano keys, as well as works in progress, dismantled piano parts, inspirations, and other fun creations, like salvaged lead-light windows & vintage car grilles, both turned into lights.

studio 13-14 & 20-21 april

Parking Instructions:One way driveway can fit 5 cars Parking on road by our letterbox fits 1 Parking 20m away parks 4

Melways reference: 124 D1

33 Upper Coonara Rd, Olinda

0421 410 680

Individual artist


From the Artist

Many of our most treasured sentimental memories reside within objects we adore. I honour those memories shared with loved ones around the piano by delicately repurposing its parts into a wall sculpture, reclaiming its place as the heart of the home. (Also it’s about 200kg lighter).