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Studio 6

Trish Campbell - Mixed Media

Trish’s artistic practice explores interpretations of landscapes from found patterns and surfaces using painting and printmaking techniques. Images are influenced by encounters with natural and man made patterns that have encroached upon ancient, indigenous song lines.

Trish has recently moved to Sherbrooke Manor where her studio workshop is a room set up inside a stunning, character filled ‘Hills’ Manor. Experience heritage interiors and beautiful private gardens through the gated entrance. See Trish’s work progress to larger scale oil and acrylic canvases. She will have past work on display and also new, limited prints showing cross-section gum trees that fell in the storm of 2021.

Parking Instructions: Ample Parking on site at Sherbrooke Manor

Melways reference: 75 E2

Individual artist


3 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke


0401 765 374


From the Artist

My themes are reinterpretations of surface textures and patterns taken directly from the ground to create abstracted landscapes. I am conscious of respecting indigenous, traditional song lines and ownership upon which these new patterns and textures have been imposed. Patterns and textures in the landscape speak to me. My visual work shows forces reprinted and scares, lines, shapes, textures, symbols integrating new upon ancient lands.