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Studio 35

Kristin McFarlane - Glass & Floral Art

Kristin’s artwork combines botanical specimens, glass and sculpture to explore the interplay between nature and the human condition. Her artworks explore the concept of ‘fragile strength’ through multi-layered, kiln formed glass works with mixed media inclusions.

Kristin collates petals and flowers into flat works or reconstruct them into sculptural forms with wire and thread. Floral compositions are photographed, turned into decal prints, fused between layers of glass, or formed into patterns. Kristin enjoys using delicate materials to create multi-layered works with complex interiors through kiln formed glass.

Parking Instructions: Plenty of parking.

Melways reference: 75 B12

Individual artist

351 Glenfern Road, Upwey

0414 706 452


From the Artist

The process of taking something fleeting and turning it into an object with integrity and permanence serves as an analogy for the perpetuity longed for in a life that is always transitory. This interest stems from Kristin's background as a graphic designer and working with glass has presented her with new opportunities to work with graphic elements in three dimensions.